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Friends of The Bad Weather Shelter


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No one wants to be outside when the temperature drops and the rain pours. We all have warm, cozy homes in which we can find refuge from inhospitable weather, but not everyone does. Please take a moment to consider those in your community to whom you can shelter from the cold and warm with hope. We are running a campaign, the Friends of the Bad Weather Shelter, to raise money for Pasadena’s Bad Weather Shelter, and we need your help. This shelter is the only one of its kind in this part of LA county and serves an essential community function:  providing the homeless with a warm meal and a dry place to spend the night during the coldest times of the year. It may seem simple, but a safe place to sleep for a few months can make a world of difference in a person’s life.


Although southern California is known for its great weather, the winter months bring in unsafe conditions. On two consecutive weekends in the winter of 1986-87, the weather was so extreme that nine homeless people died in Los Angeles County, including one in Pasadena’s Memorial Park. These tragic deaths caused a strong outcry and prompted the founding of Pasadena’s Bad Weather Shelter, a program run by the Ecumenical Council of Pasadena Area Congregations, a faith-based community organization with a history of working with under-served in the Pasadena area.


Operating the shelter, which served 855 individuals, including more than 100 children in the winter of 2011-12, however, is a costly endeavor even with donated food and volunteer labor. Paid staff ensure safe and stable support for all clients throughout the season. For many years, The City of Pasadena was able to support half of the shelter’s annual budget of $120,000, each winter, but, is no longer able to make this commitment due to budget cuts. In order to prevent needless suffering and even deaths, the shelter must be kept running. The goal of the Friends of the Bad Weather Shelter campaign is to find community “friends” who will pledge to donate each year so that together we can make up for the $60,000 the city used to contribute annually.


A number of compassionate individuals and businesses have stepped up and become “friends,” including Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard, who was the shelter’s first “friend.” The campaign has raised over $28,000 since its beginning in November of 2011. Together with one-time funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich, enough funds have been raised to operate the shelter for the 2012-13 season. However, the shelter still needs many more “friends” to enable it to continue helping the homeless in the following years.


Your contributions really do make a life-changing difference for individuals all across the county each winter. Please help us ensure that the shelter will continue alleviating suffering and preventing hypothermia-related deaths among the homeless for years to come by becoming a “friend” of the Bad Weather Shelter. Thank you for making our neighborhood a better place!




The Friends of the Bad Weather Shelter Fundraising Team

Rebecca Huang (Pasadena City College freshman)
Harrison Tung (San Marino HS senior)
Joanna Popoff (Maranatha HS junior )
Nora Lansing (Westridge School sophomore)


Letter from Pasadena Mayor, Bill Bogaard


Letter from Rev. Patricia O'Reilly, ECPAC Executive Director


High School Student Rebecca Huang raising funds to support Pasadena Bad Weather Shelter for homeless (Chamber of Commerce Blog)


Winter shelter funding in doubt (Pasadena Sun)

































































































Friends of The Bad Weather Shelter Membership Levels




Suggested donation:


Business Friend: $600 a year.


Individuals - Suggested donation levels: $500, $250, $100, $50 per year.


You can also mail your check to ECPAC

Post Office Box 41125

Pasadena, CA 91114

earmarked FBWS.


How does the Bad Weather Shelter operate?

Homeless families and individuals are:

  1. Registered,
  2. Given a hot meal, and
  3. Either spend the night in the
    Pasadena Covenant Church
    (individuals) or are taken to other nearby churches  for the night (families) 


When is the Bad Weather Shelter in operation?

The shelter is weather activated (40 degrees or below or 40% chance of rain) from the day after Thanksgiving until the 15th of March.


How much does it cost to run the shelter?

About $110,000 per year


What is the money used for?

-Homeless services tracking software,


What is the current need?

100 businesses or individuals to donate $600 per year to supplement existing federal funds and private donations. 


Why is it important to keep the shelter going?

There are 1,216 homeless adults and children in Pasadena on any given day.

The number of Pasadena’s homeless has increased by 7% compared to the 2010 count.

Of the 1, 216 homeless, only 20% are in shelters or transitional housing programs, leaving 80% out on the streets, subject to harsh weather conditions.

Homeless people died of hypothermia during the winter of 1986-1987